Del Rio, TN Community Healthcare

Welcome to Mountain Health Clinic! We are located at 260 Highway 107 South.  The clinic owner, Kim Setser, FNP, has over 20 years experience as a nurse and  15 years experience in advanced practice nursing, including primary care, emergency care, urgent care, hospitalist services, gastroenterology and behavioral health.  Kim has strong family ties to the community and is passionate about improving access to care for the citizens of Del Rio and Cocke County. We hope to see you soon!
For appointment in the clinic at the Del Rio Community Center, please call 423-623-3100.

If no answer, call 423-231-3801.

Fax 423-815-1250

What is a nurse practitioner? 
A nurse practitioner is a licensed registered nurse who has completed at least six years of advanced education (a master or doctorate degree in nursing) who has taken and passed a national board certification exam in his or her specialty area. Nurse Practitioners are licensed and certified to prescribe medications and are able to diagnose and treat a vast array of illnesses and injuries. As a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Kim is able to treat all ages - everything from acute problems like sinus infections, pneumonia and urinary tract infections,  to chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure and COPD.  We also do DOT physicals, work and school physicals and yearly wellness exams. We look forward to seeing you!

What does it cost?
Cost varies based on the service provided. We typically follow the Medicare allowable charges for everyone, which means charges are based on the severity and number of problems we treat in one visit, and how much time is spent with the client. Cash pay price for a new patient visit with a minor problem would start at around $45.  We do see uninsured patients at a discount with prior approval once a hardship form is filled out. This is covered by donations, so even when we offer "free" services, donations are encouraged to help cover costs of staff and supplies.

Do you accept insurance?
Yes. We are credentialed with most insurance companies. Please call with your specific plan and card in hand. Most commercial plans have deductibles and co-pays, which are due at time of service.

What are your hours?
We are open 9-5 Monday through Thursday; Fridays are reserved for housecalls and catching up on paperwork/referrals/etc.  We accept walk-ins as well, so patients can stop by for blood pressure checks, diabetes screening, etc. We often arrange to come in early to draw labs or stay later to accommodate those who work later than our hours. We take call 24/7 but ask that you try to call during office hours for routine issues. For emergencies please go to the ER (we do encourage you to call us before going to the ER for non-emergencies). 

What about labs and x-Rays?
Xrays are usually ordered and done at a local hospital. We can draw labs in the office and send them to LabCorp in Knoxville. We can do EKG, blood glucose (sugar), urinalysis , strep screens, flu screens and pregnancy tests in the clinic. We do offer a low cost lab panel for cash pay/uninsured patients.